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Uncover 3 ways not-for-profits are making better data-driven decisions

Not-for-profits are addressing challenges like never before. Cultivating new ways to innovate is crucial for organisations to focus on their missions. Hear how NetSuite and Annexa have improved processes and transformed how not-for-profits work with their back-end operations. Learn how Good360 have accelerated their work with powerful technology systems.

In the webinar, we will explore how to:

  • Use technology to eliminate manual processes, reduce errors, and save time.
  • Drive strategic planning by leveraging data from across the organisation.
  • Take advantage of pro bono services for not-for-profits and advance your mission for good.

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact’s mission is to support the success of not-for-profits globally through the power of cloud technology. NetSuite offer product donations and discounts, pro bono services, and capacity building to support organisations of all sizes in growing their mission.

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