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Protect profit margins and your bottom line 

The right pricing strategy is a critical component that companies can’t afford to overlook and is one of the most important aspects of maintaining profitability in wholesale distribution. Add the rigors of B2B online selling, the distributor’s role as middleman and increased competition to the equation, and the need for a consistent, effective pricing strategy becomes even more mission-critical. 

Access this white paper to understand how to leverage your systems to access the right data to drive your pricing strategy, including: 

  • The top pricing challenges as identified by distributors. 
  • The most common core pricing strategies currently used by distributors. 
  • Tips to justifying your price point, including adding value-added services. 
  • Recommendations on how to use data to establish your pricing strategy. 
  • The impact your systems have on your access to the right data. 

“Now, instead of spending hours or days trying to analyse data or guess at what your customers are willing to pay—and whether those price points support your profitability goals—you gain true insights into costs, margins and target pricing.”

Michelle Davidson, Wholesale Distribution Industry Principal, Oracle NetSuite 

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