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With the reopening of the global economy, every business needs to reassess its strategy and operations to properly position for the recovery.

And, in order to get through the crisis effectively, organisations need to take decisive action today. This white paper looks at 7 actions business leaders need to take now to optimally position their organisation as the global economy reopens. 

With that in mind, NetSuite conducted extensive interviews with hundreds of organisations of all sizes and across all industries, over the past two months. 

They have synthesised their findings into this single playbook so you can take decisive action and optimally position your organisation. 

Your checklist covers: 

  • Undertaking an in-depth business model assessment. 
  • Implementing health, safety and legal regulations by environment (state, county and city) and measures to communicate new procedures to employees, customers and suppliers.
  • A deep dive into finances to better understand cashflow and runway. 
  • Scenario planningforecasting demand and aligning supply to match top-line scenarios. 
  • Prioritising the needs of existing customers, while analysing ways of attaining new customers. 
  • Scrutinising packaging, pricing and payments, and adapt to retain and attract customers. 
  • Aligning the organisation around new strategies and procedures. 

Plus, you’ll find a few short stories sharing how Australian NetSuite customers have been adapting their businesses during these unprecedented times.

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